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Provide education, a safe home, food and mentoring!

Empowering girls through holistic and trauma-informed programs that equip them with the skills and tools they need to create lasting, positive change in their lives.


Meet Ethel

When she was in grade eight, Ethel's father forbid her from attending school. She knew she had to continue. When she joined Voices Awake, everything changed. 


Meet Beatrice

Beatrice was always competitive, even if her community didn't believe in her. When she met Vanessa, she knew she needed to get involved and provide the encouragement she never received. 

Combined with systemic poverty, the state of girls' education is dire in Malawi. Girls are under-enrolled in school 2:1 compared to boys nationwide, and in many rural areas almost 6:1. 

Girls are under-enrolled in school 2:1

Child marriage is a serious issue in Malawi, despite the 2017 amendment raising the age of marriage to 18. Roughly 46% of girls are married underage, 9% before they are even 15. 

46% of girls married before they're 18

Food security is a constant concern for many families. 37 percent of Malawian children, which is about 1.4 million, suffer from stunted growth because they are chronically under-nourished.

1.4 million are chronically under-nourished 

We provide a safe space in our  Girls Rescue Home, disrupting the cycle of abuse. Our Feeding Program provides healthy lunches to students. 


We coordinate Sponsorships that provide school fees, uniforms, and supplies, and we offer support with our After-school Tutoring Program. Our Teen Mothers Program provides education & skills training. 

Through our Mentoring ProgramVocational Training, and our social entrepreneurship effort Voices Awake Ventures, we give girls the push they need to defy societal expectations and strive for success. 


what we do

Girls in Malawi face numerous obstacles. 

Hear Ethel's story and get a taste of life in the Voices Awake home. 

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