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Developing sustainable solutions

Running a feeding program, mentorship program, training for young mothers, providing school supplies and more require sustainable sources of funding. Over the years, Voices Awake has begun several small ventures to create revenue to continue achieving our goals as a ministry. 


Currently we have two ventures operating. The first is our tuck shop, which is a small grocery store built into our home in Salima. We purchase groceries in bulk and redistribute them in small quantities to sell to our community, quantities which they can afford to purchase. By selling these groceries at a small profit, we are able to provide tuition for 3 young mothers to return to school. Additionally, the tuck shop is an opportunity for Voices Awake participants to learn business skills, and the shop employees women and girls which allows them to support themselves. 


Our second venture includes the purchase of vans to provide a transportation service for our community. We have purchased one van and are in the process of procuring funds to purchase 3 more, with the hope that the revenue generated from providing this transport service could buoy the operations of Voices Awake and allow us to further develop our vocational training programs. Our dream is to develop an entrepreneurship program and provide micro-loans for women in our community. 

Sustainable Development Goals addressed:


This small profit shows us that our work pays off - with our tuck shop, we can support our community with affordable goods while providing funds for our operations. 

$30 monthly profit

Employing girls at the tuck shop gives them a sense of purpose and teaches them valuable skills from responsibility to business management. 

2 young mothers employed

The funds from the tuck shop changes lives. With our revenue we are able to send 3 girls to school. Imagine the possibilities if we could grow this enterprise. 

3 students enrolled

Voices awake


Help us achieve sustainable funding and long-term business solutions by making a general donation. 

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