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Complementary Community Action

Voices Awake partners with Cornerstone Christian High School, and we work collaboratively to support our community. Voices Awake sponsors the tuition of 30 girls and provides them with adequate school supplies and uniforms to attend Cornerstone, where they receive a rigorous, comprehensive education. 


This partnership is powerful because of our complementary action, together we provide a quality education to underprivileged youth in the area. In addition to sponsoring the tuition of 30 girls, Voices Awake hosts a feeding program for 40 girls and a mentorship program that reaches upwards of 90 girls in the community, plus counseling is provided to girls involved with Voices Awake. Through these programs, these girls can focus on school rather than worrying about food or their home life, and they are pushed to dream big and believe in themselves by being exposed to diverse career paths and new possibilities during the mentorship program. 


Some of our Voices Awake employees volunteer to teach at the high school, and they also provide tutoring after school. At Cornerstone, all students follow a rigorous academic schedule with courses like mathematics, science, environmental studies, English, life skills, bible studies, and more. As they learn to dream big, Voices Awake girls are also pushed to be capable and informed young women.

Sustainable Development Goals addressed:


School fees are often not affordable for families without the help of scholarships. Around 23% of primary students and 39% of secondary students drop out of school for financial reasons.


39% leave secondary school

In Malawi, only 6% of girls end up graduating from secondary school, and only 2.9% will go on to complete post-secondary education. 

[United Nations Girl's education initiative, National Statistics Office]

only 6% graduate

Thanks to our generous donors, Voices Awake is able to pay the tuition fees and provide school supplies and uniforms for 30 girls to attend secondary school. 

30 girls sponsored

feed + educate a girl

$75/month or $900/year

Sponsor a girl to attend Cornerstone High School, our partner high school. Give her comprehensive education and tutoring,  counseling, career guidance, plus a school uniform, daily healthy meals, and more

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