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Voices Awake Girls Home 
& Rescue Center

We provide a home based on the sanctuary model, which helps us create a truly collaborative and healing environment that improves efficacy in the treatment of traumatized girls.


Secondary School Partnership

Voices Awake partners with Cornerstone High School to provide mentoring, meals, school fees, uniforms, books, and sanitary protection. 


Feeding Program

We provide locally produced food to girls every day to make sure our goal of empowerment through education gets met.


Teen Mentoring Program

Through the mentorship program we get to know the girls and design interventions that apply to each individual girl. 


After-school Tutoring

Since many students struggle to afford their books for classes and can't do their homework after school, we run a tutoring program three days a week for them to get extra help if they need it. 


Teen Mothers Program

This program is aimed at providing young mothers with education and employable skill sets through our vocational skills program to aid in financial freedom which gives them the ability to provide basic needs for themselves and their children.


Vocational Training & Job Creation

We empower young women through business trainings, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, and life skills like farming, sewing, hairdressing and tailoring to support their economic independence, life choices and prospects for their families. 

White Minibuses

Voices Awake Ventures

Voices Awake Ventures is a Social Entrepreneurship branch of Voices Awake aimed at providing financial support through a transportation business to Voices Awake Organization as well as empowering women in Malawi with business skills and financial support.

Equip. Educate. Empower. 


Empower Our
Young Women And Girls
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