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Thank you for your donation to Voices Awake: Girls Equipped for Change. 

Upon selecting your donation option, you will be redirected to the UrbanPromise International website; Voices Awake is an affiliate organization of UrbanPromise International and your donation will be processed by their staff. 

If you wish to sponsor a girl and make your donation a monthly one, please tick the 'recurring donation' box. 

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Feed a Girl

Provide a healthy and locally sourced meal to a girl every day, ensuring she doesn't miss school due to hunger and is able to put her full attention on her studies. Our feeding program lifts pressure off of families who struggle to feed their children every day.

Please help with...

$36/month $432/year

Teen Mother's Program

Help break the cycle of abuse by providing a young mother with safe housing, healthy food, and extensive life skills training tailored to her needs. With the support of Voices Awake, she could return to school or find a vocation to be able to be independent and safe from her previous situation. 

Please help with...

$42/month $500/year

Educate + Feed a Girl

Sponsor a girl to attend Cornerstone High School, our partner high school. She will get comprehensive education and tutoring, counseling and career guidance, plus a school uniform, daily healthy meals, school supplies, and one-on-one relationships with ministry staff.

Please help with...

$75/month $900/year

Vocational Training

Provide training to a group of 10 girls in crop and animal husbandry, tailoring, computer literacy, running small businesses and Voices Awake Ventures transportation business.

Please help with...

$150/month $1,800/year

House + Educate + Feed a girl

Provide a "Voices Awake Daughter" with family support including a home, health coverage, clothes, food, and education at Cornerstone High School. 

Please help with...

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General Donation

Voices Awake accepts any range of donations. Your gift—no matter how big or small—allows our organization to continue serve girls in Malawi each year. 

Please help with...

any donation amount

“I believe indeed that when the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. But then, imagine if a lot of Voices are awakened, the noise will demand change faster” 

 - Vanessa Mwangala

Testimonials from Supporters

It shows there is hope for a better future for women.



God is raising up leaders in Malawi who are literally changing their world- replacing ignorance with education, transforming despair into faith and turning victims into powerful advocates for Love.


Hear Vanessa’s story and then ask her how you can support.

Margaret Morgan Maat

Beautiful reminder of how God meets us in our brokenness and that there's hope and healing for the abused.

Tadala Chibwana 

Making a difference in girls’ lives by integrating trauma-informed principles into everything they do! It is empowering to understand how feelings drive thoughts, which in turn drive behavior...and by naming these things we can shift the ways we respond to each other, as well as to society. Watch out, Malawi - Salima is producing strong, resilient women. 



Part of the UrbanPromise International Family 

Voices Awake is an affiliate ministry of UrbanPromise International, whose mission is to prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop, and sustain Christian-based youth development organizations and to seed their new ministries as they serve vulnerable children and teens in our world's most under-resourced communities.

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