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Volunteer with us

Volunteer partnerships are a good way to provide opportunities to people from all walks of life to serve the girls in our organization. Join us and be part of shaping the future we desire for our girls, today. We have volunteer opportunities for a wide range of service spectra such as administration and technical help, event organizing, food services, construction and maintenance, computers and technology, tutoring and mentorship, and much more. 


Be Our Advocate

We are looking for advocates to connect us to their networks. For example, you can connect us to your church’s missions committee or to other groups that would want to partner with our vision and mission. You can also invite one of us to be a guest speaker at one of your gatherings by contacting us with the date and topic/theme of your event plus any other key details.



Are you a college student or a recent graduate that is looking for practical placement and career discernment? We are looking for interns to serve in our afterschool program and summer camp. We are open to both local and international interns. Contact us today and we will send you more information and an application.


Students + Schools

Voices Awake is looking for students like you to help raise awareness and support for girls’ education all over the world. Take the challenge and get paired up with a student. Use Voices Awake for you school projects or Girls Scouts Award projects.  Contact us and we will walk with you through the process.


Fundraise for Voices Awake

Join Team Voices Awake today and help raise money to support girls' education in Malawi. Whether you hold an event at school or work, take to the streets to run a marathon or fundraise with friends, there are lots of ways to get involved.

School Projects

We Need Your Support Today!

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