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After-School tutoring

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Supplementing their studies

Many students, if they can afford to attend school, cannot also afford to purchase the books they need for each course in order to continue their studies outside the classroom. Many of them also lack electricity at home, making it hard to do their homework after the sun goes down. 

For these reasons and more, we implemented an after-school tutoring program, so our bright and busy minds can find the support they need to excel in school. 

The tutoring program meets three days a week. Knowledge of the program spreads by word of mouth among students and their friends; during exam time especially, our grounds are busy with excited youths studying hard. Due to limited resources, we limit advertising of this program to make sure we have enough tutors to serve the students who come. 

The Voices Awake community serves as a home even to those who don't call it home. Our tutors are college students who visit and spend time at the house, Voices Awake staff, or friends and volunteers. 

Sustainable Development Goals addressed:


A mere 27% of Malawi's girls enroll in secondary school, and just 13% will attend, due to numerous obstacles that prevent them from paying the fees or traveling to class.   

[World Bank]

Only 27% of girls enroll

Of the 13% of girls who attend secondary school, only a fraction will complete 4 years, and only 5% of women will pass their final examinations. 

[World Bank]

Only 5% pass their exams

Students are welcome to stop by the Voices Awake grounds three times a week. They meet with visiting university students and get help with heir homework. 


3 times

per week


for all 

Make a general donation to Voices Awake to boost our tutoring program, and help eager students succeed in the classroom. 
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