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What's your dream Christmas Celebration this year?

We asked our 6th graders to write down what their dream Christmas celebration would be and below are the responses we got;

"My dream is to have some Ice Cream on Christmas because I have never had any," said Bridget.

"Last Christmas I was sad because my father was involved in a car accident. This year, my dream is to try new food like spaghetti,"said Martha.

"Last year during Christmas we had rice but I was not happy because I did not have new clothes. This year it is my wish to have new clothes and shoes during Christmas. I will go to church in the morning and I wish to celebrate Christmas at Voices Awake," Selina.

"I don't enjoy my Christmases because we go to farm on Christmas day. I was not happy on Christmas last year because I went to the farm with my family and when going back home we picked okra for lunch. This year, I will be happy if I have rice with beef on Christmas," Esther said.

"We usually visit our grandparents during Christmas, I was not happy on Christmas last year because I did not go to the village to see my grandfather. This year my desire is to eat good food on Christmas and watch a movie about the birth of Jesus Christ, " said Aisha.

"I was not happy on Christmas because we did not have anything to eat at home. This year, I would like to have food on Christmas and maybe new clothes and shoes," said Cynthia.

"Last year my Christmas was not interesting because my granny died and my parents had to go to the village tor the funeral and every one was not happy. This year I would like to celebrate my Christmas with all the aunties from Voices awake and watch Christmas movie, " Vanessa said.

"I don't enjoy Christmas because we go to the farm even on Christmas, last year it was so bad because I had to wake up in the morning to do all my household chores, later in the day I head my grandfather that was sick passed on, I was very sad. This year I can be happy if I try new food on Christmas and watch TV,"said Naomi.

Hilda said, "I always admire other people wearing new clothes and shoes during Christmas and I feel sad when I don't have new clothes and shoes to wear. Last year my Christmas was not good because I did not have new clothes and it was a bit good because we had pork and nsima in the afternoon. This year I wish to have new clothes and shoes during Christmas and I would like to braid my hair on Christmas."

"On Christmas we go to church to pray with my family, we eat rice and wear new clothes if we have. My Christmas was not good last year because my mother got sick and everyone was sad, we didn't have any food because my parents did not have money for food. This year I would like to celebrate Christmas at the lake with all aunties from Voices Awake," Hopeness said.

"Last year I did not enjoy my Christmas because I had nsma with okra and I didn't like it because people eat rice and meat on Christmas. This year I wish to have good food like, chicken, spaghetti and ice cream on Christmas, I also wish my parents to buy new plates because we use very old, worn out plates even on Christmas and I don't like it,"shared Mwai.

When I read their responses, I thought this wasn't too much to ask. I really want to make their dreams come true this year. I would like to make them rice, spaghetti, beef, chicken and coleslaw, get them a soda and gift them each a new dress. To top it off, they get to celebrate with all their aunties at Voices Awake. I have 150 girls and with $10 for each, I can make this happen. Would you please help me with making these dreams a reality?

If you would like to donate, please click on the donate now button you will find when you open the link below:

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