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Spreading Kindness

Updated: May 20, 2021

Ethel's holiday experience

"I had no idea the holiday would be this long when the schools were closed. At Voices Awake, they started distribution of beans, rice, ufa, soya pieces and other food stuff to the people in our community. I was helping out with the food distribution and we would even go to peoples respective homes to give. Something came in my mind that I should also give but, " what do I have to give?" I kept asking myself this question and the answer was,


Then I remembered that I know how to sew, because at Voices Awake they had hired a tailor who was teaching us to sew before Covid. We also have sewing machines. I told myself it would be good if I sew masks for the people in my community. I really wanted to give. Now I am sowing and distributing masks to the people in my community, especially elders because the risk of contracting the virus is higher for them.

I am so happy to be doing this. People in my community are so grateful for the masks I am giving them. I have been inspired by our Voices Awake leaders who have been giving since this situation began.

When I run out of pieces of cloth I go to the tailor to ask for the fabric pieces he trashes. After sewing during the day, I study at night and early morning. That's what I am doing on this holiday."

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