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Village chiefs tour our house

Today the village chiefs, the group village headmen above them, the senior Chief, (pretty much one of the top most traditional leaders in our district), and the village security people came to our house. They came to tour the house and welcome us into the community.

Led by Danneck, we introduced them to the partnership between Cornerstone Ministries and Voices Awake Girls Organization and Vanessa shared her testimony to these traditional giants who were just flabbergasted and convinced them, this was a home for girls and women like me, who lacked homes even when they come from houses.

Senior Chief Kalonga said, "this is a story of what faith, education and determination can do for a girl child" and he encouraged the chiefs to protect us in the community and work with us.

The chiefs marvelled at the development brought in their area, needless to say, by a young woman. They told us, this is the first house that looked like this in the community. They confessed that when we first knocked on their doors asking for land, this is not what they had in mind. They also appreciated the solar lights that are lighting their compounds too. The Senior Chief said, this is the kind of development he desires in his area. Saying, if this was a lodge, how many more girls would he have lost to promiscuity with old-used men (his words) while we are bringing salvation.

We were left grateful and amazed at how this dream that began a long time ago, that has been bruised and burned, that was almost given up on, could turn out to be this big and beautiful thing that will go down in the history of firsts and one of it's kind.

We are completely indebted to Cornerstone Ministries for letting us steal Danneck Falinya their Executive Director who has selflessly run with this vision and project the way he does with his. Our foreman, Mr. Banda and a group of about 100 men and women who have supplied our materials and built this mansion.


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