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Empowering our Community as COVID-19 Reaches Malawi

So, COVID-19 has reached Malawi.

We have started using our groceries store to reach out to the women in our community with correct information on COVID-19. When they come to buy from us, we ask them what they know about COVID-19 and we share the information that we have gathered. Then we give them a free tablet of soap. Today we served more women than we normally do, we had so many happy customers and we shared and encouraged them to take care of themselves and their families.

When you empower a woman, you empower the community.

We don't know how bad things will get and we believe that small things matter. We shared with 81 women in our village 2 tablets of soap and a small bag of beans each . We shared information on COVID-19 and most importantly preventive measures. We are worried about their safety, our safety but we can't just worry, we are doing what we can to sensitize our community and get them ready for what may or may not come.

We know there is power in knowledge.

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