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hear our voices - virtual event

Thank you for attending!

Watch the recording of our virtual event and contribute to our giving challenge 

A Note from our Founder

All the gifts collected from this event are going towards building 2 homes for our employees who live in the girls’ home. We want to care for our staff as they care for the girls.  

We have never done anything like this before, but we believe in miracles. Voices Awake is our miracle, one that has been made possible because you believed, and you have always shown up for us. 

We need you to show up for us again now.

Vanessa Mwangala 
Founder & Executive Director


Hear Our Voices

About our virtual event on June 9th from 1-1:30 EST. 

Our founder Vanessa always dreamed of bringing the girls to the United States for fundraising - to share their stories and allow their voices to be heard. This year, the pandemic had other plans. 

We organized just 30 minutes of inspirational stories and updates–a chance to learn about our culture and be proud of the changes your support is creating on the ground. 

Read more about the event here. 

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