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Vanessa meets with students from Moorestown Friends

Challenging students to think beyond the classroom

I had a wonderful time sharing the Voices Awake story to these wonderful Moorestown Friends high school students. One of them asked me if I contemplate joining politics at some point in the future and you know what? I used to, and then I lost faith in the power my vote has because the people in power always find ways to stay in power and keep manipulating the ones at the bottom to stay there. All I want is the availability of basic needs, I am tired of seeing people die because the hospitals are too far away or they have no resources, smart kids dropping out of school due to lack of support, I am angry that I have to give bribes inorder to access social services that are apparently my right. I keep thinking about that question though, and at some point I wanted to but I don't know anymore. Nevertheless, I am asking for prayers for my country as we are getting into our tripartite elections (President, Members of Parliament and Councilors). If at all there is a chance that we can have free and fair elections may it be so and may the best man win. Tomorrow, the 21st of May is the day.

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